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General FAQs

General FAQs

Q: Do you send out fashion online catalogues?

A: No, we do not send out a catalogue, however you can subscribe to receive our online fashion newsletter via email that brings you news on our latest promotions and new fashion.

Q: How can I send gifts to my friends or families?

A: Buy and Send a Gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wherever you are, at home, at the beach, on your mobile phone …

You can purchase gifts for your family, friends, or anyone as longer as they are living on Earth. Using the same method as you would place an order for yourself. When you enter the 'checkout', replace your default address details with the receiver's information and the goods will be delivered there without affecting your default details.

Q: Does your online shopping site have a Facebook page?

A: Yes, come join and become a fan of us today at

Q: What is your Australia Delivery Policy?

A: Please click here to see our Australia Delivery Policy.

Q: What is your International Delivery Policy?

A: Please click here to see our International Delivery Policy

Q: What is your Returns & Exchanges Policy?

A: Please click here to see our Returns & Exchanges Policy .

Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

A: Please click here to see our Privacy Policy

Q: How do I give you my feedback?

A: You feedback is important to us, in order for us to implement better service to you, feel free to provide us feedback by fillingl in the form on our Contact Us page to email us.