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*** Delivery Delays Notice ***

Due to the current outbreak globally, depends on your destination country, there may be a further approx. 2 ~ 6 weeks delay for the delivery during this time.

We are working with our postal / courier partners to maintain delivery services. The number of countries that delivery can access is changing daily.

However, we are continuing to process orders as usual, but there maybe delays right now due to a lack of available transport links and reduced postal operations in certain countries.

Estimated Delivery Times based on delivery performance over the past four weeks and our most recent information received from our airline and international postal partners.

Please note that delivery times are estimates only and are subject to change, time in customs is not included in our delivery time estimate and is outside of our control.

For updates on your destination country, please check your local Customs website or Post Office website for the latest updates.

*** Delivery Updates ***

Temporary delivery adjustments due to the limited transportation:

US - Delivery to US is currently experiencing extended delays

UK - Delivery to UK is currently experiencing extended delays

Australia - Delivery to Australia is currently experiencing extended delays

Europe - Delivery to Europe is currently experiencing extended delays

Mideast Zone - Delivery to Mid East is currently experiencing extended delays

India - Delivery to India is currently experiencing extended delays

Philippines - Delivery to Philippines is temporarily not available

First posted: 03-15-2020

Latest status: Ongoing as on:

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